Art to me is about continual experimentation and play - different subjects, different approaches - it is an adventure. As a self-taught artist, I hope my representations are fresh and go slightly beyond convention, keeping the viewer captured.

In my most recent series, “Ebb and Flow” I have drawn on inspiration from holidays in the Algarve and Barbados. I wanted to capture the light and also energy and movement of the sea in its different forms, and hope to transport the viewer of my work to the coastline.

I enjoy capturing two aspects close to my heart: Light adds an important facet to my life - it gives me inspiration, joy, lightens my soul and gives me a sense of peace. And I have always admired the permanence and beauty of trees. My work aspires to capture the magnificent play of light in our outside world, emulating the feeling of elation it provides while at the same time capturing the beautiful arboreal stability.

I also maintain my interest in portraiture, which during the latter part of this year I hope to spend more time on. It is important to me to approach each project individually and not only render a good visual likeness but also portray the character and emotion of the subject.


Artist’s Statement


Anissa was born in Poland to parents of Polish and Syrian descent, and came to live in the UK when only six months old.

Drawing and painting have always captured Anissa’s heart and imagination, and although she excelled in this area from a young age, she was encouraged towards a professional career in healthcare. After qualifying as a pharmacist from King’s College London in 1993 Anissa first worked as a hospital pharmacist, and then later joined the corporate world of pharmaceuticals where she enjoyed a challenging and successful career. In 2008 she took the opportunity to live in Hong Kong, where her passion for drawing and painting was reignited. Anissa settled back in London in 2011 and started pursuing a career as a fine artist, working from Wimbledon Art Studios.

Currently Anissa is juggling life with a toddler, but will be back at the easel very soon.

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